I have a problem with my My Passport Essential 320 GB


i need help, because i bought on january 12, i never used it. now i try to work with it but i doesn´t work.

the computer recognizes the drive but I have no access to the browser to see it. I go to disk manager and appears uninitialized, initialize it but will not let me format as an error input and output. to me it seems there is a problem in the hard disk drivers and tried eh arregalrlo down all the files there for that record but still not working, could someone help me with this?

Just make sure to connect the passport USB cable directly to the computer, avoid using USB hubs or USB extension cables. If the problem continues also try connecting the passport to another computer. 

An external drive comes preformatted from factory, if it is not initialized, and you already tried on a different computer, it mus be replaced.