I got new internet- now MyCloud won't connect. Help?

I did the 40 second reset and nothing. I seems like no matter what I do, it doesn’t do anything but sit there with that solid amber light on the front and the one blinking green light on the back. I didn’t even hear it make a noise like it was rebooting or anything. It’s been over 30 min since I did the 40 second reset.

Solid amber front light usually means that it cannot connect to a network.

What model router is it?

You might try connecting it directly to your PC or Mac. Read Appendix C of the User Manual:

My router has failed. How do you manually map the drive letter?

  1. Power down the device.
  2. Connect the device directly to the computer’s Ethernet port.
  3. Power up the device. Wait until the LED turns blue before proceeding.
  4. For Windows XP and Windows 7, on the Start menu:
    a. Click (My) Computer.
    b. Click My Network Places (Windows XP) or Network (Windows Vista/Windows 7).
    c. Select wdmycloud.
    d. On the Tools menu, click Map Network Drive.
  5. For Windows 8, click the File Explorer icon , and in the ribbon (top of page), click
    Computer > Map Network Drive.
  6. Select wdmycloud.
  7. Leave the drive set to the default letter.
  8. In the Folder box, type the following path: \device name\public.
    Note: The default device name is WDMyCloud.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. Go back to the opening window of (My) Computer to view the Public folder of your
    device under Network Drives.

If only to see if the front panel light goes blue.

When you did the 40-second reset, did you remove the power, press & hold reset, apply power, then release the reset button after 40 seconds?

I’m not sure how to tell what model I have. It’s a few years old. I will try connecting to my Mac or PC (probably PC since those are the instructions provided).
I followed the instructions for the 40 sec reset exactly and nothing.

So, is it an old router, or a new router?

I got it 2 or 3 years ago. It’s the 1 or 3 TB WD My Cloud.

There’s my confusion: I was asking about your router. You’re talking about your MyCloud NAS…

What model is your new router? A number of people have problems with routers that don’t talk to their MyClouds; I was trying to establish if it was one of those.

Sorry. lol My bad. The modem/router is ubee with TWC.

Seems some of the Ubee routers may have problems with the My Cloud…




I got a new modem today from TWC. It’s a technicolor modem. I disabled the wifi and am using my Netgear r7000 router only for wifi like I was before. I still have an amber light. I hopefully will have time tonight to plug the ethernet directly into my pc and try to manually map the driver letter as recommended by cpt_paranoia.

Ok, so even when I plug the ethernet directly into my pc or mac, the blue light doesn’t come on. It doesn’t matter what I do, the amber light is still there, solid. Any ideas? It seems like I can’t do anything without a blue light and I cannot get a blue light.

I have the same issue.

We have had two new modems from Comcast since the last time I was able to remotely access MyCloud. I can access it with an ethernet cable to my laptop.
I am using Windows 10
The modem is Xfinity dual band wi-fi 802.11ac, XB3

I have done the 40 second and 4 second resets.
The IP address is not static

The front light is flashing yellow. If I plug the ethernet cord into my computer it goes blue and is accessible.
When I do the resets I get a flashing light on the ethernet port, otherwise there are no lights lit on the back. I have tested the ports on the modem and they are good.

Help - my husband wants to toss the device…I have too many things on it to toss it

Try connecting the My Cloud to a Switch, then the Switch to the router/modem, if you have one. This should work, especially since you can access the MyCloud when directly connected to your computer. It sounds like an “auto-negotiate” issue with the router.

See the link Shabuboy posted upthread:

If it’s an auto-negotiation problem, the front LED will flash yellow, but the ethernet port LEDs will both be off.

what’s a switch?

An Ethernet switch.

Google it and/or read the thread I linked in the post just above yours.

Thank you - we got a cheap switch today and we are in again!

I just installed a new cable modem/router, unfortunately before removing my modem/router I forgot to remove the My Cloud static IP address. Now, I have all 3 lights blue, the cable connections are all green, but the My Cloud is not present in my connected devices, nor accessible from my PC. Will a 40 second reset resolve the issue, or is there a better way to resolve the problem. My wife and I both have accounts, so I don’t want to lose either users data.

See the following WD Support link for what is reset when performing a 4 second reset or a 40 second reset…


Thank you, Bennor. My question is will the reset fix the problem by removing the static IP address? Or, can I move the My Cloud from the router, connect it directly to my PC and edit in that way. I’m trying not to loose all my settings, just remove the IP address

I had this same problem! I tried EVERYTHING and had my internet switched back and forth, needless to say, I understand your pain. But i figured it out!

It wasn’t the gigabit, the internet provider (comcast) or a problem with WD - it was my router. I was using an Arris SB1690 and needed to upgrade to a router that allowed up to 10gbps - I bought this one - ARRIS - SURFboard 32 x 8 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem - White
The fix was immediate, I didn’t even need to have comcast reset anything. I hope this helps you!!