I can't use my WD Elements disk on the Mac no more

Hi there,
I have tried to contact with support team but there is something wrong on that page. So a few months ago I bought a WD 2TB disk, at first I can transfer my datas very well. (from my Mac to WD, from WD to Mac). But yesterday I have tried to transfer my datas from Mac to WD, but I couldn’t. Why? I clicked right to get information, It says ‘‘Windows NT File System (NTFS)’’. How can I fix my problem? I bought it due to support Mac. Oh…

you will need to reformat the drive into either exFAT or Mac OS extended to use it with a Mac

Thank you for replying. I did it but I got an error. What should I do? I attached photo of error.


right click the drive in disk utility and select unmount. then try formatting the drive again.