I cant open up my External hard drive

Hello there
The problem that i have is that i can’t use my external drive (WD Elements)and that strange thing that i cant use it on my PC Windows 7 but i can use it on the labtop normaly .
So… first thing i pluged in the stuff and then after few minutes '‘Local Disk I’’ appears not WD or anything else and then when i try to access it ,it keeps loading and stays like that and then '‘Not responding’'
so please any solution :smiley:

Based on your input… seems that the drivers on your pc gpt messed up

Chearch in google drivecleanup.zip and download it…

Its a very handy DOS application

Just let in run on administrator mode

It should work after running and rebooting

Is it going to format my hard drive ?

I went through this same thing, you image looked pretty much like my screen.  I’m not happy either because I have lots of photography on this external HD.  The rep did try and help me talking me through everything, but my computer is not going to read or vs versa on the Passport not reading etc.

So I was given and RMA number, and had been waiting for the email instructions on shipping this one back.

Still waiting BTW