I can't get into my passport please help!

Hi everyone,
I’d really appreciate some help so my passport is very old, it’s an SE for Mac, i set up a password on it years ago and have had no issues, suddenly, on the same mac which it had been working fine on I get the following when I try to unlock it…

‘you must run the unlock application from the WD smart ware CD associated with the drive you want to unlock’

i threw this CD away years ago, i had never needed it after the first install, because i now can’t unlock the drive i can’t get in at all…this wasn’t a problem a few days ago and i don’t understand whats happened.

i have downloaded WD drive utilities and it won’t even recognise my passport, I assume because its too old, is there something I can download that will support my passport, an unlock application that will work…?

please help! greatly appreciate any advice!

Try downloading WD Security.