I Can Access the Settings Page, but not Folders/Shares

I’m hoping this is something really dumb, but Windows explorer can see the devices (I have a MyCloud & a Mirror) and sticks icons for each in ‘storage’ and ‘media devices’, the trouble is when i click on the icons it takes me to the admin login, and try as I might i can’t get access to the folder view. My Android tablet and phone have no issues. it just seems to be Windows 10.

Any ideas?

(I’ve been through all the can’t see the drive info, and enabled services and TCP/IP helper etc etc., and the PC clearly can see the drive, it just appears to be dong the wrong thing with it.)


What do you get when you click on WD My Cloud under Network?

Under Windows File Explorer > Network do you have an icon like this?


If not then you need to check a few settings on Windows. If using Windows 10 see the following post. In particular Windows 10 Specific Method 1 through Windows 10 Specific Method 5.

Also if you have multiple My Cloud units on the same local network, make sure each My Cloud device has a unique name. One can generally set the device name through the My Cloud Dashboard.