Hub or Plus?

I already have a WD Live Plus and have had few, if any, issues.  I’m going to get another WD product and the Hub’s interface looks much better than the Plus and I like the idea of a built in 1TB drive.  I’ve done my research and need some advice on which is better/more stable in your opinions?  I realize theres the audio/screensaver bug amongst others and I really just stopped playing local audio from my Plus, WD just can’t get it right to matter what product.   I mainly use Netflix, Pandora, Tune-in Radio, and play local video files from an 1TB external (all files are .avi, .mkv, or .mp4). 

Shoot, meant for this to be in General Discussion.  If a mod would be kind and move I’d appreciate it, or just let it roll :smiley:

My Live Hub works fine except for the screensaver bug which is causing the audio to stop is in the latest firmware.

You can however set the screensaver on the ‘WDTV’ and then the problem does not occur.

TuneIn Radio, Deezer and Shoutcast Radio work fine.

I can’t use the Netflix, Pandora in the Netherlands so I can’t say if that works correct.

It plays avi, mkv and mp4 perfectly in audio/video (e.g. 720p) and also with .srt subtitles

Also the Live Hub recognises automaticly the album covers from audio tracks.

For movies you can also manually get the album cover and details on the movie.

You can’t do that for tv series unfortunately.

The upload speed to the internal 1TB harddisk is pretty slow both via USB stick or via (network)

WDTV Hub - better hands down, interface, playback, audio support, remote functions and network speed.

if your happy without the above  waste  your cash on the Live plus.