Hub only sees 20-30% of music directory

Odd problem.

Specs: WD Live Hub on the latest firmware.  Workstation is running Windows 7 64 Bit.

I’m connecting to my computer via homegroup – works nicely for the videos and the pictures, but the bloody music directory seems glitchy.  For some reason, the iTunes directory only shows about 20-30% of the files in it.  I’ve checked the file permissions – all identical on each folder.  All of the actual music is all the same format as well.  Still no go…there doesn’t seem to be any logic as to what’s showing and what’s not (i.e. not the first few directories or last few…completely random).  All of the music in question is in the iTunes\iTunes Media\Music directory.  If I manually copy the contents of the entire directory onto the Hub, they all play perfectly…so it’s not the files.  Something else is gumming up the system.


It sounds like it’s a software issue and not a setting that you can fix. Personally I’d just leave the music on the device or an attached USB drive and forget about the Workstation.