WDTV LiveHUB doesn't display music files

From my computer I can see all the music I have copied from my server into the WD Hub directory I created (called music).  However, when using the remote to browse the internal sorage of the WD Hub, I don’t see any music folders or files.  Video and photo files are found and work fine.

Why is this and how could I correct it?



My hub has “forgotton” about all videos a couple of times, while retaining the listings for music and pictures. In my case the solution was to go into setup / system and perform the “Clear media” option. That clears and rebuilds the media library maintained in the hub, and after that all my media was properly cataloged and listed. I didn’t lose metadata, thumbnails or cover art, and I’m running the latest firmware.

Also there is a known bug in music and pictures, where if a song or picture file name begins with exactly the same characters as the folder name (example: “House-1.jpg” in folder “House”) then the hub won’t catalog it. It seems unlikely that all of your music files fit this bug, but it’s worth a mention anyway for future reference.

This is a terrible bug.  Very common to have tracks named the same as the album. 

This must be fixed.