HTTP proxy not used by some services?


I’ve set up my WDTV Live to use an HTTP proxy server. However, it seems that certain services (MLBTV, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) do not use the settings I’ve defined. These services do not work (I get some kind of “connection failed” error message) because, on my network, I must use an HTTP proxy.

Other services like TuneIn Radio, Flickr, Picasa, etc. use the HTTP Proxy settings and thus work OK.

Do certain services not use the HTTP Proxy settings? Is there any workaround?

Looks like some of the services require the standard IP to work since they use those to determine your location and what service you are entitled to.

There could be some ways around it but not officially supported by WD.

That’s disappointing if true. My WDTV Live needs to access a local HTTP proxy server. I purchased this set top box because others lacked any HTTP proxy functionality at all. If I had known of these limitations, I would not have purchased a WDTV Live.

Thanks for your response.