Question about network ports used by the WDTV live

Hello all!

I would like to know if the WDTV live uses some specific ports for different services? I am on a University campus where the firewall blocks ports above1024. During a brief period, the network firewall was down and during that time, the WDTV live player was working absolutely fine. It would pull the weather content, play youtube, etc. etc.

However, since the firewall is active, none of that works. We use a proxy and that is configured properly (on the device). That said, it still keeps saying “Internet Connection” failed. None of the built-in apps work.

I assume that the device is using non-http ports (port 80) for different services. If that is so - could the development team please help me with this information (so that I can get these ports allowed) ?

Thanks and Regards…


I recommend you contact Technical Support directly to see if they can help you with this.

General Phone Support

I just did and apparently - they have no idea what ports are? The lady kept asking me about my drive? Then I was told that there are no ports that need to be set for the WDTV live player as it does not use any ports !!!

Now - completely disillusioned with the whole life etc. etc… I return to the device developers (who release the firmwares) to please help me out…