WD TV Live - Location failed - no services

I know this is OLD. BUT I really need it to work AS I PURCHASED it. It is on a boat. I need this device to stream internet content, and local media content to a TV over HDMI and separate analog audio output and run on 12V. Please, do not suggest a different product, or different hardware solution.

My WD TV Live box will not get a location, so all the internet services I want are gone. Mainly Netflix, Hulu, Pandora. I tried downgrading firmware, but it didn’t help. I’m on an AT&T cellular hotspot, and that’s my only internet on the boat. I’ve tried all kinds of different DNS solutions as I’ve been reading about, but it always fails.

Please help if you can. All I need is for it to know it’s location.

There’s absolutely no way to get it to know it’s location?

I’m not an expert on this subject … but from searching around, you may be able to set the location but only with a Paid Subscription DNS & VPN Service as described in this link below.

It’s for an older WD TV Live but may apply to the Live Streaming

Just thought i’d post it … have no personal experience with it and i don’t know if it will work or not.

Anyways, best of luck

I saw that too. I tried changing to various regular dns available but made no difference. I did not try the paid one. I think there’s a trial period, I’m curious so I may try it. I am also giving up and will start trying android boxes to see if I can get anything to work the way I like.

Thanks for the reply.