Unable to access my Netflix account from overseas. Can WD Live be configured to use a proxy server?

I purchased my WD Live in the States and I travel a lot to Australia and would like to view Netflix from Australia.  Currently, Netflix tells me that I’m not in a valid area.

Does anyone have any solutions for this?

I use my computer just fine with a proxy server, but cannot get WD Live to work.

NetFlix does IP mapping.  If your IP address is registered under an authority outside the US, NetFlix won’t work.

Since you can’t define a proxy, you’re out of luck.

I believe the only possible workaround would be to subscribe to a reputable VPN service (e.g. StrongVPN).

However, I have no experience with such a setup, so you’d need to follow that up with the support team of whichever VPN service you’re thinking about trying.  Also, your router would need to support VPN, so if it doesn’t you’re out of luck.