HP elite 8300, reboots when plugged in

My problem is this: I have a Western Digital My Book Essential external USB drive. If the drive is plugged into the computer when the computer is booted up, the OS starts to load and reboots (in a loop). If I unplug the external drive, no issues. I have already upgraded the BIOS, upgraded the firmware on the external drive, change the boot order in BIOS to make sure it only boots from the hard drive, etc…

Edit: Doesn’t not matter if the drive is plugged into a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port.

Seen this:


I do not have the options listed in my BIOS.

HP Compaq Elite 8300 SFF

Thank You


Please verify if this link will help:

Problems booting a PC with an external USB drive connected

If your drive is larger than 2TB then check the link below.

Computer hangs or fails to boot when a USB drive greater than 2.2 TB in size is attached 

-I have already disabled all boot devices except for the internal hard drive.

-There is no USB Legacy Support option in my BIOS.

As far as the second article, I have a brand new PC (HP Compaq Elite 8300), I’m sure it allows drives bigger than 2.2 GB. Regardless, it seems to affect only one specific model and the answer is not really a solution ):

Anyone? need help…