USB External Drive won't allow OS to Boot

Got a new computer with Windows 10 on internal hard drive. When I boot up with my My Book 4TB drive plugged into USB, the computer hangs up on the Dell boot screen and goes no further. Boots just fine if I disconnect the external drive.

In BIOS I removed USB from the boot sequence, so that’s not the issue. I don’t know why the computer is even looking at the USB drive when booting.

Had the same exact setup on my last PC and never had an issue.

Any ideas???



Please refer to the following KBA article:

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Me 2 i just buy an external 6 tb after the pronlem of cloud live duo. My computer not starting. I have to off the power every restart

Go into the BIOS settings (usually by pressing F2 or F12 when you first power on the computer) and look for boot-up options. Make sure the computer is set to NOT boot from USB.