How to turn off WD Elements Desktop with software?

Just bought 14 TB WD Elements Desktop and still have no idea how to turn it off safely. There is no software links on WD Elements webpage, nor any software provided with hard drive, except WD Discovery program. No instructions either.

So I press “Eject” in WD Discovery, the disk letter then disappears, but the hard drive keeps spinning and light keeps blinking. Can someone tell how this HDD may be safely ejected and turned off? How can I put it in a sleeping mode, etc.? WD Drive Utilities do not support WD Elements, so how can I do that?

Assuming that you’re using Windows, right-click on the safely remove hardware icon on the taskbar and select your WD elements drive from the list. It may take a few minutes or a couple of attempts, but once you see a message stating that’s it’s safe to remove the device, you can unplug the drive from the computer, or just leave it plugged in as the drive will be powered down at this point.

I do exactly the way you say. I eject WD Elements via WD Discovery or using Windows interface. It seems ejected, the drive letter disappears after ejection, but WD Elements keeps spinning. The drive is not powered down.

I have tried to connect my WD Elements to another laptop with Windows 10. The hard drive there is ejected and powered down correctly. On two other laptops run by Windows 7 the problem is not solved. That means the problem is in Windows settings. Is there any solution for that?