How to remove WD Elements? Led blinking and nothing works

Hello to everybody,

I bought the HDD few days ago, but there is something that I cannot understand:
I state that I already did the test that the support proposed to me and everything is ok

The problem that arises is that if I, once power on the HDD through physical button, do the “safe removal” through the Windows, the hard disk device appears to go to standby, the front LED will blink one second and turns off a second and so on…
From this moment the physical button behind no longer works, I cannot be able to turn it on, or to turn it off (hold for 10 seconds does nothing). To make the PC see again the HDD (or to permanently turn off the led) must disconnect and reconnect the power.

Different is if you DO NOT do the safe removal via Windows, but I turn it off directly from the physical button on the back holding it down. The LED lights off completely and I can turn it on when I want to.

My question is: what should I do ??? Is it correct that I turn off the HDD through the physical button without making the safe removal? Risk of data loss? If I do the Windows safe removal, why it remains in “standby” and never switches off and I can not turn it back ??
Which is the correct procedure? and what the HDD should have to do in “correct working condition”?
(Sorry for my english)

Thank you so much

The correct procedure is to click on safely remove hardware and selecting your unit. Once Windows informs the unit is safe to be unplugged then what follows is to turn off your unit by disconnecting the unit’s USB cable and then holding the power button.

wow!! comfortable procedure!!ahahah…