How to SYNC entire DRIVE?

Is it possible to Sync entire DRIVE (D:/ E:/ etc.) ?
After right click The Sync to My Cloud icon is only visible at folders not drives?
Of course I can put a “home” folder at drive D:/ and move the files to D:/home but that is stupid

thanks in advance

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Thanks for reply, but I already found it and there is no solution how to Sync with MyCloud with entire drive (like 2nd hard drive D:/ ) only SINGLE folder can be synced. There is no option to sync in context menu after right click on drive. The WD Discovery should be updated to that function.

This is the most useless product ever. It’s not a NAS. It’s some sort of picture/video only backup thing.
Totally stupid.

And their desktop sync app? Try syncing the Desktop itself.

So stupid.

I’ve ordered synology case and going to use the drive from this P.O.S.

I’ve been trying to make use of this garbage for 4 days and I’m done.

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Useless product sir. Not even worth the drive that’s in it.

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