How to sync(copy) from EX2 to remote MyCloud whith fix ip?

what do we have:
WD MyCloud EX2 2TB (2+2 raid1) in place A whith dinamic ip;
WD MyCloud 2TB in place B whith fix ip;
both drives registered and connected in
need to:
backup some folders from EX2 to MyCloud every day.
what I have try:
make a new job with remote backup from EX2 whith remote host = NAS server, but I don’t have the password for remote host, I don’t have sshd user and sshd password of MyCloud. try whith remote host = MyCloud, but after login in MyCloud service, I have blank list of remote hosts.

thank you.

Some advanced Users have been able to set a similar remote backup using RSYNC and SSH. However, this is not supported by WD. Hopefully an advanced User will be able to assist.

Crontab and rsa-key cleaning up every day by system, but rsync works well, but not works next day.