How to stop My Cloud Home constant drive internal activity

The My Cloud forum is full of complaints to the constant drive indexing going on. The My Cloud suggestions do not apply to My Cloud Home, such as using SSH to turn off indexing (SSH is disabled on Home). How do you get the My Cloud Home drive to STOP IT? It’s been rattling non-stop for HOURS and running the performance of the drive into the dirt.


It is not possible to disable the indexing and thumbnail generation on a My Cloud Home.
Please allow the My Cloud Home sufficient time to index and generate thumbnail views for the added content.
The amount of time required depends on the total size and quantity of data added to the unit.

OK, but the drive is so SLOW right now it is almost useless.
When I first got it yesterday, the copy transfer rate was over 10MB/s, so 85MB copied to the drive in under 10 seconds. Right now, a day later, with no change to anything on the network or systems, the transfer rate is under 500KB/s, so the same 85MB just now took 4 minutes.
Something is not right. Help!

Finally, after 10 hours, the drive quite rattling its brains out and now the copy transfer rate is back up to 10MB/s.
Sure wish there was a way to turn off indexing. Please…

The initial indexing is done, so drive will calm down. You are too impatient; relax and let device do its thing.

It’s only partly loaded (0.5TB or 3.5TB) but I had to stop and wait 10 hours to be able to start loading again. One could call that impatient, but the device “doing its thing”, as you say, is getting in the way. My other drives don’t “do their own thing” – they just store my data.

I don’t need the thumbnails and whatever else it thinks “its thing” is. Perhaps I bought the wrong product.

And, perhaps you have better relaxing skills – what’s your secret?

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You did not buy a “drive”; you bought a NAS with a drive in it. Not the same thing. That was a lot of data to load. It is possible you did not buy a hefty NAS for the task.

normal nas like cheapest synology for 100$ (DS115J) has 60MB/s upload 100 Download… i have a mycloud home and it is useless…

The my cloud home is S_H_I_T. Waste of money.

My WD MyCloud EX2Ultra runs constantly. I can turn off my computer for 3 days and it is still running. It just won’t stop!

Here is discussion about MCH not My cloud two differents products. I have MCH and from my account, i can stop the drive; there is probably that function in your account. Search it and tell me back.