How to show desktop through keyboard shortcuts for MacBook?

Guys, recently (2 weeks ago) I bought a new MacBook (2015), and it’s my first MacBook, so, could anyone advise me how to show desktop via keyboard shortcuts? Simply I don’t even sort out in this device, so I need some help

Hey, friend, there are a lot of articles. So, check it in the Internet.
If you want to show the Mac desktop quickly, the fastest way to do so is often with a keyboard shortcut to reveal the desktop. This approach will push aside all on-screen windows, apps, and other information, and show only the Mac desktop – all without closing any apps.

The question that should be the most obvious, have you checked the settings on your Mac, or, have you read the guide in the Internet? To be honest, shortcuts on Mac are quite useful, as these shortcuts are kind of tricks that can offer a fast way to access files and other icons on the desktop, or even just to quickly hide whatever is on the screen by shuffling away windows to show the Mac desktop instead… Moreover, I’ve learned that Mac actually has useful show desktop keyboard shortcuts, and, there is an easy to use gesture to show the desktop as well for Macs that are equipped with a Trackpad. Also, for easiness of access, you can set up a shortcut to open file sharing, here is an article that describes how to do it I hope I helped you