Annoying Forced Desktop Icon

Is there any possibility to stop, get rid once for all of the Wd My Cloud Home Icon placed on the Desktop?
There is no option withing the poor setting in Desktop APP/WD Discovery.

Many thanks in advance.

Is up to a user to decide what and when, where put any element on his/her equipment.

Have you tried a right click on it and then select, Delete?

Of course I did - several times, hidden as well. In vain, same result. It reappears every reboot and even without.

User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

Have you searched the Knowledge Base?

Don’t get worked up over this and you can solve this with a little work but it is not perfect. You can automate deletion of shortcuts or hide them. Here is what I use, free and open source:

  1. Get the AutoHotKey software from here and install it.
  2. Now, right-click on the desktop and select “ New → Text Document “.

Thank you for the tip, appreciated.

But I think it is a shame to impose even to an extremely ■■■■■ certain conditions on his/her computer.
There should be an option to get rid of this f…ing icon appeared very often on the screen/desktop.

Indeed this is the very last time I have anything in common with WD
Regret and I am bitterly disappointed.