How to Move Data Direct NAS->Ext USB

I have a tonne of data (photos) on my NAS, around 500GB

I need to offload this data onto a 1TB SATA drive that I have plugged into the back of my Live Duo.

How can I do this directly? I can access both via the computer, but this runs the data through the computer first over the network which is incredibly slow (60GB estimated at 13 days). 

The computer is turned off out of office hours so I need a way to start the transfer direct between the NAS and the USB Drive plugged into it so that it can transfer over night

Any ideas? (moving the NAS isn’t an easy solution)

Is there a remote telnet login? or perhaps logging in with FTP and doing a move?

Hi Biomech, there is currently no supported way to transfer the files directly. Let’s see if some of the other users can give you some advice. 

Thank you for the reply…

…but that’s not exactly true :wink:

Solution (for people with some linux knowledge)

Go to


Enable SSH (turn it back off when you’ve finished).

Using something like Putty (or other telnet/ssh client), login to the MyBook using the details on the webpage screen.

rsync is installed which you can use to transfer between the MyBook and the USB storage using;

rsync -r --progress /src/ /dest/

NAS data can be found in:  /DataVolume/shares/
USB Data/target can be found in:  /var/media/CUSTOMSHARENAME/

Works a treat :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your solution :wink:. Note that when I say “not supported” it doesn’t mean that it is not possible, just that support is unable to assist you on any additional methods.