Help doing a USB transfer from MyBook to WD Pro2100

Hello folks,
I’m new here and new to using a NAS. I currently have a 3TB MyBook which is full…I purchased the WD Pro2100 16TB and I would like to find the fastest way to transfer from the MyBook to the Pro2100. I can see the Mybook in explorer (Win10) and I can drag files over to my shared folder on the Pro2100. However, trying to do this is at a very slow rate 5-20Mb/s. Since the MyBook is directly connected to the front USB port of the Pro2100, I figured this should go a lot faster. Is there an easier way to transfer the whole thing at a faster rate using the direct USB?
Thanks in advance for the help.

You are now transferring everything via your PC.
It’s faster when you use a direct link (via your switch/router)

I use the following to transfer files at 60+ MB/s
Enable NFS on the old device (let’s say with IP address
SSH into the PR2100.
Mount some path on the old NAS to a new directory /mnt/Oldnas on the PR2100

mkdir -p /mnt/OldNas
mount /mnt/OldNas

Use rsync to copy folders from the old NAS to a new share.

rsync -a --progress /mnt/OldNas /shares/MyBrandNewShare

If you want to do this without keeping the SSH session open, you could use “screen”.
You can get screen with my entware-ng package as follows

opkg update
opkg install screen

A typical backup operation then goes as follows:

  • reconnect to screen if it was already running

    screen -x

otherwise start a new screen session

  • start the long running rsync operation as described above
  • disconnect from screen while the rsync is running by typing the combo CTRL+A and then D.
  • feel free to exit SSH, the rsync operation will keep running until finished.

Good luck