How to map my Cloud?

earlier i was able to logon from remotely using the then i can map my drive and use it normally but after the latest updates it is used as dropbox but i couldn’t map it anywhere. how to map my drive remotely

With the revamped online website now called, remote drive mapping through the website is no longer possible.

One can use the WD Sync software to sync folders remotely on their computer. One can still use the WD My Cloud Desktop software to remotely access one’s My Cloud from their computer.

There are several prior threads complaining about the loss of that feature.

I just logged on to make the exact same complaint.
Where can I file a more ‘official’ complaint about this, does anybody know? I find it extremely ridiculous that this feature is no longer available as it completely ruins the reason why I bought this device in the first place.
I wanted my own cloud I could access remotely just like I would any other folder on my pc, so I can work from home and away from home. I use DTP software so using the app is really not an option since all links to files don’t work through that interface.

I am seriously disappointed!

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Where can I file a more ‘official’ complaint about this, does anybody know?[/quote]
Contact WD Support ( or use WD’s Feedback page ( and complain to them about the feature no longer working because its no longer available.

You can also voice your ‘displeasure’ in the following Personal Cloud Ideas thread:

As previously indicated there are numerous complaints about feature being removed with the new/revamped online web portal. WD is aware of these complaints and have previously indicated the feature was removed because WD stopped using the WebDAV coding in the online web portal, partially or primarily, due to potential security issues.

I will contact support and have replied to your thread as well.
I’m not one to complain easily but this is such a major mistake that I’m surprised it’s not getting more attention.
It simply isn’t a proper cloud product anymore…
We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, it’s back to Dropbox for me I guess…