How to make a Time Machine backup over internet?


I was wondering if it would be possible to make a Time Machine backup on my WD My Cloud when I am not at home?
I’ve read a lot of topics (especially old topics), but I still do not know if this is possible. And if it is possible, I would like to now how can I set this up.

Hi sertay,

Time Machine used to back up data on My Cloud connected on local network.

Thank you for your answer, yes I know. But i was wondering if there is a possibility to make backup over internet (not on local network).

Yes there are ways to possibly allow Time Machine to backup to a remote My Cloud. You could try setting up a VPN connection with the remote network. That should allow the Time Machine program to backup to the My Cloud through the VPN tunnel. Use your favorite web search engine to learn more about VPN and how to set one up.

Hi, can someone link a guide to do a VPN tunnel to remote backup using time machine?