Time Machine Backup remotely with MyCloud?

 Hi All, i have a MyCloud Mirror which i successfully backed up with my data when i set it up but now that it am on the road the Time Machine on my MacBook will not recognise it, i can access the MyCloud remotely fine. I asked the question to WD and they gave the following answer:

In regard to your support case, please note that Time Machine will only detect a network drive like the My Cloud Mirror if the computer and the device are both in the same local network. Time Machine does not have any functionality (at least to our knowledge) to be able to see a storage device on a remotely location. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Is there anyone else with this experience and found a work around on this problem?


With the WD2Go.com site currently offline at the moment one generally cannot remotely “map” a shared WD My Cloud drive, as such to have TimeMachine backup remotely you would probably need to create some sort of VPN tunnel (or similar) to your local network to access the WD My Cloud drive. Using something like  OpenVPN client/server is one way to create a VPN tunnel to the local network until such time as WD2Go.com comes back on line and allows for remote mapping of drives again.

Backups across WAN (aka Internet) are very unusual. Speeds being the main factor. Hence most software supports only local (LAN).

Now, it is not impossible, but it is a bit complicated. With the main factor being security.

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