How to download files from My Cloud Mirror

I have bought a My Passport wireless to copy all my music files to to make them available while away from home. How do I do it? Tried to set up a batch job to transfer files by USB from MCM, but that asks for a destination folder and none show up from the My Passport. I am using the USB 3 port on MPW, should I be using the USB2?

Start simple.

Can you see the drive in Windows explorer?

  • Can you get access wirelessly?
  • Can you plug the drive directly into the computer like a standard external drive and see the drive?

If you can do these steps. . .the simplest method is good ol’ Drag and Drop.
For an “initial” bulk transfer, I would used a wired connection, since USB3.0 can be dramatically faster than a wireless connection.

(note: The USB3.0 connection on the MyPassport will default to USB2.0 if you plug it into a computer USB2.0 port. That is still faster than wireless; but you want to use a USB3.0 port if you have one)

Thanks got the reply. I use Mac. I can see the Passport either wired to the Comp or wirelessly. I have in fact started downloading in that way, MCM to Ethernet 500 Meg Homeplugs to Mac to USB to Passport, but it is slow! I have also reformatted the Passport to FAT 32 as apparently the My Cloud Mirror does not support the original format. MCM still can’t see the Passport using USB3 connection though. Have ordered a USB A to USB A lead to try the USB 2 port. Will try that tomorrow for the really big 24 bit audio files.