How to direct download files into vlc for ios?

vlc for ios has a direct download feature. i can type the url of the file, and it will download it into vlc.

im looking to do this from My Cloud whlie i am connected to the home wifi network that the nas is on.

i would like to know how to do that, obtaining the full file address to put into vlc in order to download the file(s) i want to store locally in vlc for ios.


I would think you can use the standard local network address (either My Cloud name or My Cloud IP address) along with the Share (and any subfolder name) then the file name.

For example:
\\\TV_Shows\The Big Bang Theory S11E19.mp4
\\wdmycloud\TV_Shows\The Big Bang Theory S11E19.mp4


only http, https or ftp addresses are allowed for input.

if there are any spaces in the file or folder names, those cannot be typed in, there is no spacebar in the keyboard in vlc, probably because spaces are not permitted with those address types.

so i guess i need to find the correct http or https address of the file and use that. my iphone is connected to my router via wifi and the nas is connected to the same router via ethernet.

any ideas ?

i am looking to save videos within the vlc ios app to play, since itunes would not allow me to sync my personal videos (typical apple restrictions).

that way, i can take them on the go and not rely on streaming via the my cloud app.

sorry, i had not realized the app has this neat feature that i can use to do what i need:

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Why not use a file manager to transfer files from MyCloud to the appropriate folder on your iThing?

i use a separate app to store files locally.

this is for video files since vlc app can store them within the app thats fine for me.

when connecting the phone to itunes i use file sharing to add the files to vlc and then sync the phone with itunes. they copy over into vlc and im all set.

now i can play anything the vlc app supports

This is a GREAT link above. One of the best tips ever in this forum. It works like a charm; its not intuitive, (and why I could never figure it out), but the instructions make it simple as pie. I copied movies from my NAS and even a flash drive my iPad,

This is great for travel; especially on planes, because there are no streaming issues from my wireless drive, and wi-fi can be turned off, too. Files are easy to install and easy to delete. Everyone with an iOS device who has lots of movie files should do this. Same goes for music.
Just now, I copied a music album to iPad in just a flash. UTTERLY COOL!

i like it as well. although vlc doesnt have a landscape mode lock within it.

i can tell you it will handle single mp4 video files using h264 and aac audio which are larger than 5GB, no problem.

i will try a few mkv’s also.

only thing is to note if you backup your iphone, it will backup the contents of the app, which in my case contains 14GB of video. so i would do it via usb cable, not wifi.

i’m sorry, made a mistake: itunes will not backup the media content within the vlc app, just it’s data.
that’s a good think for me since i usually sync and backup via wifi. and i do not need to backup the video stored on the phone that i already have stored on my nas.

iPad DOES have a landscape mode. and iPhone app may too only when the movie is playing. Check that out. Phone does; I just checked with a streamed movie from NAS.

All my movies for iOS are Handbrake made mostly m4v and a few mp4s and they take up much less storage; usually around 2.5 GB for typical movie length.

idk … i dont see a landscape lock in the vlc app.
obviously i toggle fhe phone so i get landscape when viewing a video in vlc.

this capability of file sharing is somethiing that would interest me in an ipad, whereas traditionally i stuck with android tablets in the past.

id prefer some 512GB capactiy models tho, so i can load up enough content without getting dragged into routines of deleting some to add some.

My iPhone definitely has landscape view in VLC and other apps. My newer 7+ has it, and even my old 5C does, too. Check to see if in phone settings you do not have the screen format portrait mode only.

i have an X, and don’t see the orientation lock within the app.
i can toggle between aspect ratios, but no landscape lock

A case of pay more – get less?
Call Apple help. I would.

not going to get into a philosophical discussion about apple vs the world.

back to the topic, i still am curious about how to get the url of individual files and folders that i’ve created on the nas …

anyone have some ideas ?

Hey, I have iPhones and iPads, too, my remark was not a ding about Apple, or your X phone, but to indicate that your phone DOES have a way to be in landscape screen; you just need a way to find out how.

did not kno which way your comment was suggested …

anyway, i have the portrait lock in the phones control center, thats about it.

if vlc has its own landscape lock i dont see where its hidden.

i guess i should reach out to vlc and ask.

Yep, you apparently are sensitive about being ribbed about having an iPhone X.
I know for a fact my iPad can lock/unlock screen orientation, and I assume Phone has same control but never looked for it.

Fact is MY iPhone has no problem with getting a landscape view with VLC or any other app unless the app specifically is locked to Portrait view. Therefore your X should not have an issue either. It is not a VLC issue you have an iPhone issue, so call Apple help line, not VLC.

Duh, Here is an idea ASK SIRI. I just did and got the answer.
Ask Siri “How di I adjust screen orientation on an iPhone?”

Not to mention that he had paid a lot of money for the phone, and therefore might expect to be entitled to some support. Whereas VLC is a free, open-source piece of software, written by volunteers.

i am confused, because:

i have no sensitivity to my phones, tablets, pc’s or whatever brand they are. i am no fanboy towards any brands, etc. i am also, in no way whatsoever, showing off, flaunting, or anything else like that. i could care less whether the phone in my hand is a 7, 8, X or whatever. i use them all.

what i am trying to explain, is that if i turn OFF portrait lock on my phone, that when i am in the vlc app, the orientation will be whatever it is based on the way i am holding the phone. i thought there was some ability to lock the orientation in landscape when i am in the vlc app and watching a video that is wide.

i believe you are assuming that i am skipping past some basics …