How to determine specific make and model of WD My Cloud for running Plex Server

I’m trying to figure out whether my “cloud thing” can run the Plex server software. To figure that out, I have to figure out what I actually have, and that is where I’m stumped:

At Plex NAS Compatibility List, it points to a google document link that lists these compatible types of Western Digital “cloud” like devices:

My Cloud Mirror Gen1
My Cloud Mirror Gen2
My Cloud EX2
My Cloud EX2100
My Cloud EX4100
My Cloud DL2100
My Cloud DL4100
My Cloud Pro PR2100
My Cloud Pro PR4100
My Passport Wireless Pro

I know I have a “WD My Cloud”. But, I cannot figure out if it is one of the particular models above. I have looked in the Web UI settings and poked around but didn’t find anything at all with parts of the names like “EX2”, “EX2100” etc. All I see in the Web UI is this:

I know the firmware version is not the same as “WD My Cloud” name/title/whatever-you-call-it. So what do I have? Is it simply “WD My Cloud” and that is all, and thus it is not going to run Plex, and I should just ditch the whole idea of running Plex on it (or upgrade to one of the above WD gadgets or find some other alternative?)

You have a first gen single bay My Cloud based on the firmware (v04.05.00-315) listed in that screen capture.

One can also compare what their My Cloud looks like to the images listed on the WD Support site:

One can also check the P/N number on the bottom of their My Cloud and perform an internet search for it.

The single bay My Cloud units do not officially support adding the Plex Server app. Unofficially it may be possible if one has a 2nd gen single bay My Cloud.

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@wastenot The best place to figure out what you have is probably here.

This will show you the differences between My Cloud and My Cloud Home!

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If you want to run Plex you need a muscular NAS such as the current PR series. (I have the preceding DL series that was replaced by the PR series) It runs Plex fine, but i do not use Plex although I’ve tried it, but don’t like it much at all. There are better ways to play media such as video and music files, and they don’t require a hefty NAS that can run Plex. They do need a media player (app and/or hardware) and there are a few ways to go with that option.

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Thanks everyone for your answers. It sounds like I might just have to upgrade to the more muscular NAS’s if I’m going to be serious about running Plex on the NAS’s.

Until that happens, I’ll just continue to run the Plex server on my Linux desktop for now as it seems “muscular” enough for the job from what I can ascertain, with the obvious downside is that I have to have the machine on for Plex to run and server content. I’m serving it to the Plex “channel” on a Roku Ultra.