How to delete particular files from My Book Essentials

Hi all. Am new to this so be kind. My 1.5T book Essentials informs me it is almost completely full. I have no idea how to delelte files from it.I don’t want to delete the lot - just some I don’t need. I can’t find anything in the help menu that is relevant. As far as I know there two complete backups in the drive and being able to delete one would be a help. Thanking you in andvance.

Have you looked in your backup software for a delete function? sometimes deleting backups manually causes problems.


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Thank you Joe. I spent some time trying to find the delete function for individual files and ended up by deleting 3 old backups. So far so good. Thanks again.

I’ve been trying to delete old backups from My Passport but have been unable to. Itunes backedup incorrectly & multiplied many times so I’m trying to get rid of it & now My Passport is full. Any help would be appreciated