Can anything be manually deleted from MyPassport?

Is there anyway of looking in the backup drive and actually deleting things that I really didn’t  want backed up?

When I talked to a service guy, he said if I were to delete anything from the backup itself, it would corrupt it.

It’s going to be a bit of a hassle to disconnect the drives and then reconnect  them once I want something backed up.

Making sure it doesn’t back up photo’s I may not want.

Any suggestions?

Try following the instructions here,

Thanks for the info, I already knew how to specify which files ( just pictures) I wanted on a drive.

When I talked to a person on the phone, he said if I went into the backup and manually deleted the files I would corrupt the backup.

Since it is a backup, just like on my PC, why would it be any difference to go into the backup and delete it?  Is the Passport a “read only” backup?

You can delete some files in the wdsmartware.stor folder, however i dont recommend this. It is not a read only file.