WD My Passport Essential BK Deleting Folder

I want to make sure I understand it correctly that you can not delete a folder.The only means is to use disc management and “clear volume”.This being the case would I then have to down load and do a reinstall of the WD my passport software.My OS is Vista


What??? Can you be a little bit more specific?

I presently have my “music folder” backed up on the above portable drive and I want to “delete” it and then do a back up for 3 seperate folders.Is there a way I can do this without formatting the drive and starting from scratch?I trust I have made this clear.


How did you transfer the info to the drive? Did you just drag and dropped or you use the WD Smartware application? 

If you use Smartware you can go inside the external hard drive and then into the smartware.swstor folder to delete any files that you don’t want.

If you drag and drop are you getting any error msgs?

Hi…sorry for delay in replying but was out of town.I did my backup by way of WD Smartware.I will now follow your instructions in doing the deleting and then see if my passport reflects this deletion.

Awopero thx for the direction it all worked just as you direceted me.You should offer to rewrite the “user manual” because nowhere in it does it describe how to make deletions as you outlined.One more quick question…as I only B/U my music folder every so often the next time I do a B/U will Passport only add the additions to my existing B/U on Passport?