Help please!

My question is… after backing up the files I choose onto my passport can I safely delete those files from my computer and them not delete from the external drive? if not that is kinda pointless to even move them… what I have read here is people are having the issue of them deleting from both the computer and the external hard drive… what if you unplug the passport before deleting the files you have already backed up on the passport… then once you unplug it… delete the files you backed up and then plug it back in… would that help? I don’t know… I just thought maybe… some help would be muchly appreciated! :smiley: as I just backed up over 22,000 pictures! and don’t want to delte them from my computer if it is going to delete them from my passport also…

If you only have one copy of files you do not have a backup. A backup is 2 copies in different places. For important data never trust one drive internal or external no matter who makes it.