How to backup MyCloud to FTP without PC running?


My Synology NAS just broke after less than 4 years and I’m considering purchasing a MyCloud instead. Since this has already been very tricky and almost impossibe with Synology’s NAS:

Is there a way to backup data from MyCloud TO an external FTP (like HiDrive and others)? I’d like to backup data from all the various devices to the NAS. The NAS should then take over the job of making a redundancy copy to an external FTP that I can specify. I do not want to have a PC or other device than the NAS running for that task.

Is that possible and if yes does it work at the max bandwidth speed that technically possible? My Synology liked it to slow down such tasks to 140KB/sec on a 100MB connection.

Thank you!

Welcome to the WD Community.

Remote backups are not supported through the standards procedures of this unit. Perhaps, some of the users on the community can share some light about this.