Backup My Cloud NAS to Amazon S3?

Can you backup the 3TB NAS automatically to Amazon S3 or Elephant Drive? Can you “mirror” 2 My Cloud’s to each other in remote locations? Or I need to use a My Cloud Mirror for that functionality?

You may want to read the My Cloud User Manual ( to get a feel for what the single bay units are capable of and what their features are.

Generally the single bay My Cloud units will only backup to another My Cloud located on the same local network, or to another computer on the local network, or to an external USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud.

There may be ways, that will most likely involve some configuration via SSH of the My Cloud OS to enable remote backup or remote syncing. See the following recent threads where these issues are discussed. There are other threads that can be found by doing a subforum search.

A bit advanced option is rsync but would need Linux at both ends and a little bit of Linux experience, or a will to learn and read read read. This is no a WD solution but Linux in general.

FYI: Just about all NAS devices are some light flavor of Linux. Not a full blown version so you cannot install most Linux packages unless built specifically for it.

So in a few words, once you can ssh from one location to the other:

  • Create your rsync script
  • Create a cron job

Thanks. Looking at the manual - it appears that the feature is only in the
My Cloud Mirror. I’m sure one could hack the lower cost models - but
hardly worth the effort.

Interestingly enough Seagate offers the same features (backup the NAS in
their low end personal cloud product…they even claim they can easily have
two NAS synced in two different locations for the price…

I do not consider it hacking. Those are already build in commands within the Linux OS, not under the WD GUI/UI though.

There is no need to install/hack anything at all.

Well if one already has the My Cloud then its just a few minutes of one’s time. And its not really “hacking”, rather its just using preexisting commands that the Linux OS variant within the My Cloud already has.

I have not backed up My Cloud to my virtual cloud service, but I am sure I could. Jeeze, a My Cloud is just a drive(s) on a network, and all I need to do is tell the virtual drive software what drive or folders in the My Cloud to back up and it would do it.