How to avoid multible Iphone Camera Roll Back-ups


Please help me if you can. On my Iphone I have 12,000 photos. Now, if I activate the automatic camera roll back-up function of my My Cloud Home device, it nicely backups those 12,000 photos to the My Cloud Home as it should, putting them all in the Iphone Camera Roll Backup folder.

I have then renamed the Camera Roll Backup folder to something else, and have divided it into sub-folders (one for earch year). Now, when I turn on the automatic back-up on again (after the renaming and sub-foldering), it creates a new Iphone Camera Roll Backup Folder (as it should). And here comes my problem/question - it now uploads the same 12,000 photos again. So I now get the same 12,000 photos that I already have (in the sub-folders per year) uploaded again. How can I avoid that?

In other words I want to keep the 12,000 photos locally on my Iphone, and have them back-uped to my My Cloud Home (into sub-folders), and then I want to continue using the Camera Roll Back-up for any new fotos taken with my Iphone, but without having the 12,000 photos already uploaded to My Cloud Home uploaded once again. How can I do that? Thanks a lot! /Magnus

Hi Magli,

Renaming a folder of the Camera Roll Backup folder is not supported on iOS devices. Doing so will start the process over and recreate the default folder.

You can also refer the link mentioned below to find out the information about the My Cloud Home Mobile App Auto Camera Backup features.

Ok. Very strange then that WD Support (a guy named Ares) repetedly has suggested renaming (after me having explained I am using an IPhone/IOS)!

In fact, Ares is still suggesting this (renaming) and as it does not work as he thinks it should, he is now escalating the matter internally!?!

If renaming does not work - how then can I sort the 12,000 back-upped photos into folders on my My Cloud without having them all back-upped again?

Thank you.