How to access the PLEX library files on WD in order to migrate to a NAS

I am going to invest in a decent NAS to take over from my Ex2Ultra as my Plex server. I want to be able to migrate the library files over to the new machine. I know it can be done from one regular type of NAS to another — but how to even start on WD? I don’t know how to access the library files in order to be able to copy them.

I think you want to be in the MC Ex forum instead of this one. But this thread originating from that forum may give you the answer:

Thanks, most helpful. I will definitely give this a go. Cheers.

Hmmm … just had a go. It basically is the same as accessing Settings > Library in the normal way, and no options are available to locate the library file in order to copy or move it to a different device :frowning: