How to access the dashboard from the Internet (outside local LAN)

I have seen in a couple of posts at this board that it isn’t possible to access the dashboard from the Internet. At the other hand Helpdesk had told me it was possible . . .
• [Settings -> General -> Cloud access] Connecting alternatives for cloud access is Manual & 8080 and 8443 are open and directed to the correct local ip
• The “switch” “dashboard for cloud access” [Settings -> General -> Cloud access] is ON

What have I missed?

The relevant ports need to be forwarded by your router to the MCM.

Then using the public IP address of your router (not its internal network IP address, but the one it presents to the wider internet - you should be able to get that from the router’s dashboard) you should be able to connect to the router on the relevant port, which will then forward that access on to the MCM which should come back with the dashboard if you’ve made the settings.

It’s not the most secure of things to do though, so you may want to consider if you really need/want to do it vs another way (e.g. going via a PC on your network with more controlled remote log-in and then using that as a middle-man).

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I have opened the router’s ports accordingly meaning
8080 -> 80 and
8443 -> 443

My plan is only to have the dashboards available (open) during the first weeks to make the startup easier.

Sounds about right, although you may also need to employ the services of a DDNS provider or similar if you do not have a static IP address from your ISP (so that your public net-side IP address doesn’t change on the whim of the ISP).

Does it work set up like that, with access via the relevant port on the router with that forwarding to the MCM?

Personally I have mine (indeed almost all cloud services) disabled as aside from security risks they tend to put a lot of strain on the (not so powerful) processor in the MCM. I already have a remote access solution set up on another PC on my network, so to make changes on my MCM I remote access into the PC and then use that to access the dashboard internally on my home network.

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It’s up and running now. Next step is to have the remote safety coping to work :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advise