How to access "Other" file in My Cloud

When I open the desktop My Cloud app, on the Home area it shows the capacity total and the media folders (Video, Music, Pictures, Other). How do I access the Other folder? It shows over 350GB of info and I should be able to see what this is. Any help on how to access this would be great.

I have the same problem with My Cloud 3tb. And it happens after it is initially all separated between pictures videos docs. Then afterwards when it’s all under “other” all the photos disappear from the WD photos app. Keeps happening after a full factory restore.

Just last evening I happened to give this some thought, too. I figure it is the OS, and some apps stored in the device as well as a few documents I have there. The thought did not keep me awake at night, though!.

I agree. It is not a Major issue. However, I like the idea that I have access to all the information on my drive. Since I have eliminated most of the apps and the OTHER file continues to grow, I would still like to access this information and edit it as I wish.

So, you ought to contact WD support and ask them about it. Let us know what you find out. I have heard that some folders and files for OS are hidden from the user so some fool can’t get in and screw things up;

Here is the Response from WD:
Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support.
I apologize for the delayed response regarding this case you created and I will be the agent to assist you on this issue. Allow me to explain: This “other” you can see on the Dashboard is not a folder that contains data, as the Dashboard will show you categories and not folders. This other is any file that doesn’t fall on the main categories inside the NAS (Music, Videos, Pictures and Documents). Other may contain system files, backups, mail or just any file that is not considered by the NAS as one of the main categories. And this is not located on a specific folder, as those are files scattered on all you folders along with all your other information.

What I mean with this explanation is that you do not need to worry about this “Other” category, is completely normal that it occupies a lot of space, as it is data you are backing up on your Cloud.

I this is an old post but I have this issue with my EX4.
so how do we clean up the other files category because on my EX4 its using up lot of space. let me know thank you.