How do I access Other

How do I access “Other” file in My Cloud. Every article seems to indicate that this is a black box and there is no mechanism to clean up or see what the problem is.

I see Movies, Photos, Music, other and free.

Space consumed by Movies + Photos + Music + free does not = other. So ‘other’ is not a backup of a backup. It is not RAID protection taking up storage space.

I emptied the recycle bin.
I do not use Time Machine backup
As I did not request a backup, there are no historical backup versions for me to delete.
A firmware update came and installed but that was in MB not GB.
Any ‘user’ files, I should be able to remove.
Anything to reset to factory settings should be hidden and protected which is fine.

There is no tool nor on the dashboard to view the ‘other’ portion to see if I can delete any of it.

I saw one article that stated about creating a virtual disk with support but no details. Nothing on Youtube.

Any help on unlocking a terabyte consumed by ‘other’ would be appreciated.