How reliable is the EX4100?


I currently have an EX4 and both power ports are or have failed. A year ago, power port 1 started to fail so I switched to power port 2. Power port 2 has completely failed and I am forced to use port 1 again until I can get a replacement device.

I’m considering upgrading to either the EX4100 or the pro version PR4100. The PR4100 is very expensive and might be out of my reach. The EX4100 is closer to what I can afford, but if its not going to be any more reliable that what my EX4 was, then perhaps I should spend the money and get the PR4100.

Any comments will be appreciated.

Thank you.




Do NOT get an EX4100. There are numerous threads on the forums here where it is reported that they lock up (kernel panic) and the only way to reboot them is to pull the power out of the back (or configure kernel parameters to reboot on kernel panic).

I would not recommend this unit to anyone. I suggest spending a bit extra and get a more well known and trusted brand like QNAP or Synology.





Thank you for the update. I actually just pulled the trigger on a PR4100. I’m hoping that it will be more reliable than the EX4 that I currently have is. I considered going to another brand, but I decided to stick with WD for the time being. If the PR4100 also has as much problems as the EX4 has had, then I’ll drop WD completely and move on.

Thanks again.



I forced the link speed to 1000 instead of auto and it seems to fix the freezing issue for me. It’s been running fine for the last 2 days.


Give it time :wink:


Sure, but it’s making progress. It’s been freezing up every day before. So far so good. Will find out.


Another night without freezing.


Since I forced the network link speed to 1000 instead of AUTO, my EX4100 has been running fine without any issues for over 4 days. Before that, it’s been locking up everyday and required power unplug to reboot. Perhaps it solved my issue.