How long should Safepoint take

I have been having problems with safepoint and was elevated to level 2 support who suggested plugging my safepoint destination drive, a MyBook, into PC usb and running ChkDsk.  I did this and it said it fixed errors.  So I decided to format the MyBook.

I am now running a Safepoint with the MyBook plugged back into the MyCloud USB port.  My thinking is the speed at which the safepoint is created has nothing to do with my PC or router since the MyBook is connected directly.

So it has been 7 hours and has copied 260GB out of 800GB (32%).  So I’m assuming the complete process is going to take about 20-24 hours.  The files are nothing out of the ordinary; about 3,000 pictures, 150 various video clips, and 400 movies stored as mp4s.

Does that amount of time seem correct?

50% at 10 hours for 800GB.

Does that sound about right?


A full safepoint backup is incredibly slow I only have about 120GB on my device but it still takes several hours.

But once complete the update process is much quicker as it only backs up changes.

also you might notice that if you set a scheduled safepoint update it doesnt seem to use the time zone that the MYCloud is set to but uses a US time zone ??? mine happens about 5 hours after the set time (just another quirk of the poor software?)

I noticed the time zone issue. My device shipped -8 GMT. I’m on the east coast of US so I’m -5 GMT which I set the device to. The safepoint email is off by 2 hours from the device time. Maybe the email comes from a WD server and is reporting its local time.