How do you edit meta data for MKV and MP4 files


I’m thinking specifically the title field.

Going to Windows ‘Properties->Details’ appears to allow editing of the meta data fields but the edits don’t actually change anything when selecting ‘apply’.

Searching the internet It seems many people have asked the same question.
I’m hoping there’s a simple app (hopefully free) that solves this issue.

Any ideas?


Editing Embedded Metadata … mkvmerge for MKV and mp3tag for MP4 [both Free]

Note: editing Embedded Metadata “re-saves” or re-muxes the file with the new Tag

so … depending on the size of the file, it will take a couple of mintues to several minutes for larger files


Thanks Joey. MKVToolnix seems to work a treat with editing MKV files.
I haven’t had chance to try mp3tag on MP4s yet however editing in Windows properties does actually seem to work after all. Since you mentioned that the edit may take a few minutes to re-mux, I suspect that editing MP4 files that I haven’t had the patience to wait for the edit to take place (thinking the edit had frozen). Either way I think I’m sussed now.