How do i view tv recordings on pc

Hi complete newbie here and not very savvy with technology.

i have managed to set up my passport and back up files from my pc.

but the main reason i purchased this was to record films from the tv onto My Passport and watch them whilst away either on a smaller tv or the laptop.

I have recorded something from the tv, but cannot open it on my pc. not sure what i need to do now.

Files are showing as Lg_dvr_dev. but nothing opens??

Any help or advice would be apreciated


I think that’s a question better asked of LG users instead of WD users. :slight_smile:

I know one for sure … my Panasonic can record TV to hard drive and those recordings are either encrypted and/or in a Panasonic proprietary format and can only be watched on the Panasonic TV that recorded them.

LG is probably the same.

TV manufacturers have probably done this so people recording TV shows can’t then take those recordings and distribute them. ie. upload/share them.

The only thing i’ve found is No-name brand China Made DVR/PVR/Set top Boxes can record to a hard drive (typically FAT32 formatted) and in standard H.264/AVC which can then be played on Anything.

You’ll find most big name TV manufacterers won’t allow you to do that for Copyright reasons. (see article below)

My Panasonic TV recordings can only be played back on the TV that recorded them.

Most likely the drive/files are encrypted or are a proprietary format.

LG will be the same.

Thanks guys, appreciated :+1: