My Passport working on TV but not on Laptop

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I think your device operate at USB 2.0 speed not USB 3.0
Did you partition your drive? It seems like your 500GB is only 155GB. The other thing is, it is almost full. It might takes awhile for the computer to index the drive before you use it. Leave it plug in to your computer and wait for couple hours or over and try to click on it again. From the serial number it looks like to drive is about 8 year old.

The OP has highlighted in the YELLOW the WD My Passport

OS(C:) and New Volume(D:) most likely are the Toshiba Drive

Now … onto the problem

If the My Passport is working with the TV but it not recognized by the PC

will be bet that the OP plugged the My Passport into the and then formatted via the TV’s formatting process (this needs to be done for TV recording)

And that’s the reason why the My Passport is no longer recognized by a Windows PC (it should still appear in Disk Management … but will need to be partition wiped and formatted for use again on PC)

Why won’t the hard drive work on a PC after the TV has formatted it for Recordings ?

It’s a Copyright issue … most major manufacturers do not allow access to the hard drive and it’s data after it is formatted with the TV. (recordings are most likely encrypted as well)

Lastly … the OP posting serial numbers is a privacy/warranty issue, they should be blurred out before uploading.

see my reply abovefor the reason