WDC 2TB MyPassport Need Help

WDC 2TB MyPassport Need Help

I plug my hdd in

LG 3D LED (32LB620B)

to watch movies

and when i browse my movies

it only display LG_DVR_000000

but i dont have " any file " like that in my hdd

so i disconnect it, and check it in my pc here,

in windows 7 pc it show corrupted (need to format disk)


and if i try to open my hdd it show

" The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable "


in windows xp pc,

my hdd is not corrupted and only appear LG_DVR_000000 file

that used space size is 1.32MB only


but my whole hdd the real used space is 1.75TB


it means all my movies & memorable pictures & other files

are gone and replace by that only 1 file…

please help me how recover my files

what i am going to do?

Pls help


Not sure why a TV will do that to a drive, please try using a data recovery software to see if you can get your files back.

Check online and you will find multiple data recovery softwares that you can use for free.

LG TV’s can use USB media to “record” TV via its built-in PVR software on the TV’s tuner, and that folder is where it would store the programmes that it records. When I plugged my MyPassport Ultra into my LG TV it created such a folder, although in my case it was in addition to the files and folders that already existed on the drive. 

Sorry I can’t be much more help as to where your previous files/folders are, but that may help to shed a bit of light as to where that folder came from. Looking at the images it looks like maybe the partition has become corrupted (I note also it’s called "Local Disk ( G: ) in the drive list rather than a named drive product), so as ERmorel says you may be able to fix it up with data recovery software.

Best of luck!