How do I use Sync for folder on drive D:?

I have recently set up a MyCloud Mirror Gen2 and I
downloaded Sync. I want to sync a folder
on my D: drive because I use an SSD for drive C: and the amount of data I want
to sync is too much to locate on the C: drive.
I saw no way to do this when I installed Sync. Now that a MyCloud sync directory has been
installed on C:, how to I move it to D: or add a sync folder to D:?

I apparently jumped the gun too quickly. Since my post, I believe I found the answer to my question. I was unable to find documentation in Sync or on the MyCloud web site on using Sync, but it does exist and it explains how to add a drive/folder to the sync list. On my Windows 7/64 Pro system, it is located in the MyCloud folder that Sync set up during the installation. The path is “C:\Users(My Name)\My Cloud.WD Sync Help.html” where (My Name) is the Users Folder name. It did not occur to me to look there, but now that I have, I see lots of FAQs.

Hello, you should also be able to change the location of the folder from the settings itself, by adding a folder on the D: drive and removing the one on the C: drive.