Can I move the "MyCloud" sync folder to another drive?

In my three computers running Windows 10 (two at home, one at the office) I have 500 GB SSDs as system (C:/) drives, plus a secondary drive (ranging between 1TB and 4 TB).

PROBLEM 1: In MyCloud Mirror gen.2 I have about 4TB of data in total. This data is divided between the three computers (aprox. 1 TB in two and 2TB in the other). Since the Sync folder is in C:, and C: is 500 GB…there is no room to move all the data from D: to C: to be synced.

QUESTION 1: Can I move the sync folder to D:? (where all the data is).

PROBLEM 2: After I finished copying all the data (4 TB) to MyCloud Mirror gen.2 (It took nealy 1 week! using gigbit ethernet) I found out that, for this data to be synchronized, it had to be located in a folder called “WDSync”. I started moving data from one folder in MyCloud Mirror to the WDSync folder (in the same drive), when I realized it was taking the same amount of time as when I copied it -via gigabit ethernet- from a PC (i.e. one more week to wait to move everything to the new folder?). In a PC, moving data from one folder to another folder in the same drive is very very fast.

QUESTION 2: Why is it so slow? What can I do to speed up this process (moving from one folder to another one, in the same drive)?



Uninstall and re-install WD Sync, you’ll need to uncheck the default folders through the installation. After that, finish the installation process and then add a folder located in the “D:” drive.

In regards to your second question, can you clarify if your computer is hardwired to the Gigabit router and if you transfer the files to the WD Sync folder through “Windows Explorer” and not

Thanks, I’ll try that this evening…

As for the second question, my computer is connected to the router (20 ft away) via an Ethernet Cat5e cable (the computer has a Gigabit ethernet card). I transferred all files with drag-and-drop using Windows Explorer (I achieved transfer rates of 80-90 MBs, but not sustained in time; frequently the rate would drop to < 10 MBs, or even to 0 MBs; I don’t really know what causes this large fluctuation in transfer rates…). I also tried but was even slower.

I appreciate your help. Thanks.