How do I uninstall apps? Why are they showing enabled when they are actuall enabled? [ MyCloudEX2 Ultra]

Why are some of the apps on my MyCloudEX2 Ultra showing as ENABLED, when I clearly have them DISABLED and are not using them. Furthermore how do I UNINSTALL these non-used apps? I only see a few apps actually show an option box to Uninstall them, like DropBox, Plex, etc. And if they are really OFF, why are they not matching and still showing Enabled? There is a disconnect here. I want to be sure I have the most available RAM and CPU resources and dont want any rogue apps that I dont use taking any of my full potential

See my screenshots below.
Images # 1 and 2: You can see what is showing as Enabled and Disabled in the Apps overview section:


I Dont use Amazon S3 so how do I remove/uninstall it?

I dont use FTP, HTTP or P2P so how do I uninstall those and DISABLE them? Apps section shows they are ENABLED. I dont want them enabled.


Thanks for your help
So. Cal


You can uninstall or disable the 3rd party apps.

Go to the apps section of the My Cloud Dashboard.
Select and verify the app to be deleted.
Click the - icon to uninstall the selected.